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Bearbeitet von Cwicksilver: 7/4/2018 7:42:51 AM

RNG is a lie

Last week with my titan, every powerful engram I got for the crucible weekly, nightfall weekly, heroic strikes weekly and flashpoint we're helmets. Every single one. And this week I hop on to knock out my public events on Titan and guess what... A helmet again. I immediately shut down destiny. My light level hasn't increased in 2 weeks with my titan thanks to "rng". You can't tell me the "random" chance I receive a helmet every time in very probable. I honestly feel like it's set up to stop us from leveling our light. Well tomorrow I'm gonna try one more time. Probably heroic strikes. If I get another helmet I think I'm pretty much done with destiny. I haven't purchased the next dlc yet, so this will be my deciding factor. I'm sure most of you shot up light level super fast and I'm sure some of you are lower light than I am, but this is ridiculous.
#destiny2 #done #RNG

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