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7/1/2018 5:17:39 PM

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Quit commenting on troll threads, you're only fueling the fire.

Just don't. Promote other threads by commenting or answering other players actual questions. It is really easy to see trolls and don't attempt to argue your point that they are 'crazy' or 'wrong'. You are wrong for answering and you are crazy to think that they will listen. Look out for claims that obvious meta weapons need buffs, clearly well balanced items need nerfed, and things that are being fixed/buffed need a ridiculous increase in power. |\ They are trolls, don't follow them under their bridge or you'll trap yourself under. [spoiler]If you see comments here then let them rest here, trolls will flock but be smart and don't fall for the trap. Remember what Admiral Ackbar said. [/spoiler]

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