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6/28/2018 7:34:21 AM

Faction Rallies - How make them better

After the last update, Faction Rallies have now the chance to be a thing. But in order to give them more sense some improvements are required. For example: [b]1)[/b]Make all the Catalysts avaiable to every Faction, but reached Rank 50 you can Pick [b]ONLY[/b] one of them. In this way players can join the Faction they prefer and get anyway the Catalyst they want. [b]2)[/b]Be sure that every Faction has a decent and desiderable choice of Weapons and Gears. After all, Faction Rallies are a limited-time event, their prizes and gears should be something rare and desiderable for the current Season. [b]3)[/b] Each Faction should have some daily Bounties like [i]"Complete 10 Crucible Games with the Full Armor Set of the Faction".[/i] For some I mean MORE THEN ONE, in this way a Player can choose which one to do and which not. [b]4)[/b] Players who have pledged the same Faction many times consecutively should have a Bonus like a sort of "Trusted Member of the Faction" which might grant some bonus Tokens. [b]5)[/b] You should fix the distribution of the Tokens from the various Activities. For example, if a Lost Sector with 5 Renown grants me 10 Token, a HM Strike should grant 10-12 Tokens, a Nightfall even more ecc. Pretty simple improvements which would make Faction Rallies even better, imho.

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