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Bearbeitet von hugequeef: 6/26/2018 12:47:22 PM

Graphics Runtime Detected A Crash Or Loss Of Device [Broccoli]

So I just installed Destiny 2 fresh, all drivers on my system are up to date, I have an 8700k with a 1080ti (398.11 driver) running on Windows 10. This error is happening with no known consistency, but is regular and extremely frustrating. This happens on no other game I own, it's clearly a Bungie issue, but there seems to be no official response other than it's an issue with 1000 series Nvidia cards ( My settings don't have any FPS cap, or vsync/gsync. I'm playing at 3440x1440. People have mentioned actually underclocking the gpu and gpu memory, but this seems absurd ( ). Since this seems to be such a huge issue for people (it's all over google when you search it), I'd appreciate an official response on fixing this.

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