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Destiny 2

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6/10/2018 2:30:57 PM

Bungie your now a thief and a pirate.

So i baught, paid for and pre ordered Deatiny 2 plus the first 2 Dlc that were trash and garbage that came out too, i dont know almost 100 dollars, but garbage that i throw out if i could. But now if i Buy even more after you already gave us trash, cheated me others out of money your trying to get us to pay almost Double now for 1 dlc that is to not be trash. Is this not the same lie you just gave all of us before the first dlc releases. You cant fool me three times like so many. I just want to now how to get my money back from all of you scam artist punks and wish i could see all of you lying ass developers face to face in a room ooh a court sounds good gonna have to figure that one out, but not in one would be what i prefer to show you bastards what we do to people that cheat us out of money in my city. Fraud asses.

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