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Bearbeitet von frozieb4con: 6/9/2018 7:26:14 AM

Sunshot needs a buff

I'm really disappointed in the catalyst for the Sunshot. I grinded FOR HOURS hoping this thing would have noticeable recoil reduction (since it boasts a massive stability/range buff). >>>And before you start; I dont care if its a "pve" weapon in design, a gun you grind for for that long deserves glory in the Crucible. So first things first... big surprise, it still kicks like a horse! The catalyst should have shaved the recoil in half/percentage, or at the least an impact increase . Aiming down the sights/ field of view is also awkward and how it kicks up covering your mark easily ruins a 1v1 duel. Guns like Better Devils, which is also known for noticable recoil, are far easier to control. Only way this gun would be viable is if I stack Energy Weapon Recoil mods on a Hunter (the only class that can stack three) & I main a Warlock.. You would think something that cost you 28+ hours of grinding would be more inticing and put it up there with other mid range meta-weapons.

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