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Faction Rallies Hidden bosses - Suggestion

Want faction rallies boss? -Sure!


Want faction rallies boss?-Nah




So , i think current faction rallies are fine. They sure could continue to improve. How about a hidden major that spawns randomly at any lost sector from a predeterminated planetary route. You need to kill those majors starting on EDZ, then IO, ...mars whatever order. BUT you need to search the lost sectors to find that planet hidden faction rally major. When you kill them all, the final boss ( could be just another major with more damage and health + adds ) will spawn at a random planet on a random lost sector. Certain conditions could apply or be mandatory, like for the final Boss you need 5 renown for it to show. Or if its not mandatory you could get a nice ammount of tokens. In the end its about giving players stuff to do, fun stuff to do and giving the apropiate rewards for your time. I think it adds variety to the stuff we do to get the faction tokens and gives us something to shoot right? edit: some typos

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