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6/1/2018 3:18:36 AM

Exotics/ Faction Rally rewards

I wish there would be a "faction rally" for each of the weapon manufacturers of the game: Suros, Hakke, and Omolon (it could be called "Arms Race"?) Each one could have it's own Exotic weapon and an armor piece that further enhances their respective exotic weapon. The Hakke exotic weapon: >Pulse rifle >3 round burst, with every third round an explosive round, and firefly perk >when coupled with it's exotic armour counterpart, it enhances the exotic weapons ability: after 2 precision shots in a row, every round is an explosive round for the rest of the mag. Suros exotic: >double barrel (over/under) auto rifle/elemental smg combo >2 weapons in 1 so you essentially have 4 weapons in your loadout instead of just 3. You can switch back and forth between barrels (smg or auto rifle) causing you to have constant firepower without having to switch weapons or mags so frequently depending on how you manage your ammo... or you can use both barrels atb the same time to deal debilitating damage at the cost of higher recoil. >When coupled it's exotic armour counterpart, you can unleash both barrels with significantly reduced recoil Omolon exotic weapon: > scout rifle >max range, explosive rounds, charge rounds for extra damage(optional) > when coupled with exotic counterpart, charged rounds fire 2 explosive rounds yet still counts as 1 fired round (ex. If there's 16 rounds in mag and you charge all 16, you end up discharging 32 rounds out of mag in total). Make each exotic set 1 per account to force player choice instead of allowing every player to own all 3

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