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Bearbeitet von Midnight: 5/24/2018 1:17:33 PM

Paywall iron banner

Seriously? Wtf? This is dumb and greedy. Did you learn nothing Bungie from that last time? Obviously not. Stop. Locking. Shit. Behind. Paywalls. Time to bring it up again. #RemoveEververse You want money? Make a f*cking DLC, stop being f*cks. Edit: To those of you who think I'm entitled: A.) I bought the base game at full price, I've bought not one but two of the DLCs meaning I have the entire game and I have paid for everything. Now if I paid for everything, there shouldn't be content that is f***ing locked behind a f***ing pay wall. B.) $10 for an emote does not equate to Half of a DLC and if you do then you have too much money, don't know they value of money, or have brain damage. C.) This is supposed to be a AAA game. You pay for the game and earn what's in the game. Not pay to get an item.

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