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5/10/2018 3:44:32 PM

Respawn Bug Makes Strike Unplayable

Just wanted to let Bungie know about this bug if they weren't already aware of it so hopefully we can get it fixed. I was playing in the Heroic Strikes playlist last night and got the Lake of Shadows strike (PS4). Went to change my weapons before entering the final room. As I did this, the rest of the fireteam already jumped down into the room. It did the normal "Joining Allies" timer but instead of spawning me in the boss room with my fireteam, it spawned me like 3 rooms back. This of course would only be a minor hassle but since I technically was still too far from my fireteam, it kept doing the "Joining Allies" timer and spawning me in the same spot over and over again rapidly. This kept on for about 5 minutes before I noticed my fireteam was dead in the boss room and swapped to my Wardcliff Coil and quickly blew myself up (thank jeebus I had 1 rocket after swapping), resulting in a wipe. I was then able to spawn in the boss room finally with the rest of the team. After 1 fireteam member left and we got a new guy, I could tell he was going through the same thing I was. His player icon kept disappearing and reappearing a few feet away over and over again on the other side of the map. Eventually, I think after another wipe, he was able to spawn into the boss room.

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