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5/7/2018 9:50:55 PM

Active 335 Hunter Looking for Clan.

The clan that I have helped run for almost 2 years has recently died sadly. I have left the clan because as an active player, not having teammates to do things with sucks. The past few months me and one other clan mate have been getting the crucible trials and nightfall emblems by ourseves. I have never completed the raid, but I do know the mechanics of every fight in it. I have gotten to Calus. I havent been inside the Liar. I have a Titan and Warlock but as of right now they havent started the CoO story. My Hunter has it finished and is 335. I do anything, from patrols, raids, cricible, etc. I dont have a mic but can join party chat. My GT is MoB Sup3rSaiyan and Im on the Xbox One. Thank you for having the paitence to read this and hopefully finding a clan to call home.

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