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Destiny 2

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5/7/2018 1:37:18 AM

Bungie veteran here, I highly suggest anyone frustrated by D2 try Warframe...

Every once in awhile playing this game, I think in the back of my head (this is what I fantasized Destiny would be like before it came out). Decided to finally try out Warframe last week, I'm 80 hours into the game and have hardly scratched the surface when it comes to content & loot. I have no idea what the hell happened to Bungie after they were acquired by Activision, but it's been a constant downhill slant.. Warframe on the other hand, has devs who are dedicated to their community... not their publisher, and oh man does it show in-game.... So far I've met nothing but friendly people who are willing to patiently elaborate on the many complex systems of the game. The premium currency can be acquired through player trading, so there's no need to ever spend money on the game (removing the player to player economy was Destiny's death knell IMO). Destiny 2 was so supremely underwhelming and backwards, I just can't see myself playing the next game. This is coming from someone who has purchased and enjoyed every single Bungie title since Halo:CE, it's just so damn sad... Thanks for all the good times since 2004 Bungie, but it looks like you've lost sight of your quest for world domination. </3

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