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Legends ch:8 pt: 2 The Abomination

The fire team looked into the large opening. It was a wide old space with beams and pieces of metal sticking out of the walls and ceiling, but the guardians didn't pay attention to that. There were scores of thrall, acolytes, and knights knelt in prayer and a wizard looking more withered than most and colored robes, but that's not what made them want to throw up. In front of the wizard was a knight, or used to be a knight, the had growths of black ooze growing out in random places all along its body like tumors. Half of its' own head was replaced by a growth bigger than the rest of its head. "Traveler above," said V horrified like the rest of them. Tesmin noticed that there seemed to be green energy coming from the cracks in its skin. That's when a thrall looked up and noticed them. For a few seconds it was as if time froze, then it screamed and was quickly silenced by Vs' hand canon. The rest of the hive, including the knight, turned towards them and the wizard screamed and they attacked. Silas threw Tesmin a rocket launcher known as the ash factory as well as a rocket, "Load it then fire it at the knight." He told the warlock then joined V and Vulcan in picking off the lesser hive. Tesmin quickly loaded the rocket into the tube and, after they were done killing the lesser hive, fired at the abomination. The rocket hit taking off its right arm and part of its chest. Vulcans' cheer died in his throats when its arm, and the missing part in his chest, grew back now made purely of that black ooze. It extended its knew appendage and the arm grew and grabbed Vulcan pinning him to the wall across the room. Then, the black ooze started spreading across Vulcans' body. "The ooze is gonna reach his mouth and suffocate him!" Yelled Silas, "Cut it off!" V immediately summoned his sword and tried to slash off its elongated arm, but his sword got stuck in the ooze. After V managed to pull it out, where it had been stuck had rusted and withered. In a panic Tesmin threw a solar grenade and a miniature sun appeared in the middle of its arm. The creature screamed as the sun began to burn his arm, the flames tore its arm in half and began to travel up its arm burning it. It regenerated it easy enough, but it had still hurt it. Silas put his hands on the ooze still pinning Vulcan to the wall and pumped solar energy into it burning it away. Vulcan fell to the ground his armor having the same withered look as Vs' sword. "Its weakness is fire!" Silas yelled out to them as they realized it themselves. Sensing danger the wizard held out its hands, green mist coming off of them and into the armor of the dead knights and acolytes. The green mist took form in the armor making body's of green mist inhabiting the armor and some dead thrall. "I'll take care of these things you guys take care of the knight!" Yelled Silas rushing towards the newly formed ghost soldiers. They led the knight to the back of the room and began to fire their weapons at it. Silas formed his shotgun and fired into the chest piece of a ghost knight. The front caved in but the ghostly green mist warrior didn't seem fazed. Silas stepped back and used his telekinesis to throw a possessed thrall into a piece of metal sticking from the ceiling as it tried to slash him from behind. He put a burst of lightning from his outstretched palm into a nearby acolyte and, to his surprise, it conducted around the ghostly mist and it disintegrated its now empty armor falling to the ground. Silas had an idea and thrust his palm into the hole in that knights armor using his energy drain and the void took hold of the mist disintegrating it as well and giving Silas new strength. With a smile Silas realized that it was his lights' abilities that could kill these things. He focused solar energy into his hands and blades of focused flame a few inches long formed in his flat, outstretched hands. Not a super but it was a technique that he'd learned over the years as he began to slash at his enemies with his flame engulfed hands being used like swords. While he did that Vulcan, Tesmin, and V shot at the knight occasionally hitting its growths of ooze that exploded, showed its lack of flesh and muscle underneath, then regenerated those parts with black ooze. It made a sweeping motion with his ooze arm and it stretched out again. He was trying to hit them all with it and, while the rest dodged, it stretched far enough to hit Silas. His back was turned when it hit him, throwing him into the side wall. The wizard sent a burst of green energy into the knight and the black ooze completely took over its body, leaving a monster made completely of that ooze. Silas quickly sliced off the wizards' hand with his focused hand made of solar energy then stabbed her in the chest with his other hand and went back to killing the mist soldiers as the wizard slumped into the wall behind her and slid to the floor. The knight, angry with its masters' death, outstretched its hand towards Silas trying to do the same thing it did to Vulcan. Anticipating this, V summoned his golden gun and shot its elongated arm dead arm before it reached Silas each point of impact exploding into solar energy blowing its arm off. It quickly regenerated while V threw a tripmine grenade on to its chest the explosion opening it up and showing its heart. It was pure green, like a gem, and immediately Vulcan and Tesmin shot their weapons trying to hit the heart. But, every shot that came close was blacked by the ooze regenerated thick lines trying to protect the heart like it was alive. Eventually its entire chest regenerated and it turned back towards them. "I've had enough of this," they heard Silas' voice behind them and turned to find his body covered in flames. He held his hand up and in it appeared a gaming sword. Having killed all of the possessed hive he went for the knight. "Your night of darkness is over, and here comes the DAYBREAK!" He said yelling that last word. The knight stretched its arm again and when it came close Silas started slashing it with his sword each slice causing flames to erupt on its arm. It's arm burned away and Silas made slashing motions with his sword in the air, each one sending a flaming streak of fire towards the knight. Each one slicing it and igniting it with more flames the thing screaming as it burned. Silas flew into the air and slammed his sword straight threw the knights' head and through its heart. Tesmin saw the hilt of the blade light up as Silas sent flames into the knights' body. They watched as the green energy coming from inside its body was replaced with orange fire. The abomination erupted into to flames screaming as it turned to a black sludge on the floor and died. When his super died out he held out his palm and sent a stream of lightning into the remaining sludge disintegrating it, for extra precaution, Tesmin guessed. "What the hell was that?" Asked Vulcan bringing him into a tight hug, "Cause it was amazing!" He said releasing Silas. V ran up to Silas and grabbed him by his collar. "The rumors were true," he said angry, "You just used some kind of solar super then used lightning. You can use all of the warlock subclasses simultaneously." He said, the last part more of a statement that a question. "Yes," was his simple answer, "But, if tried to find me in hopes that I'd teach you, abandon those hopes. I won't teach you this technique. Now I think we have to go report our success to the vanguard." He said walking out the exit leaving V absolutely seething. I looked over at Vulcan both of us confused as we followed Silas out. To Be Continued [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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