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Back to Destiny2 after 45days in Warframe

Hello guardians, I just wanted to share my experience with the community. I'm a big fan of Destiny and Destiny2. I'm definitely not one of those who make drama & complains about the state of D2. Anyway I was persuaded by friends to try Warframe and I'm quite happy I did actually but I'm now happily coming back to Destiny2. Let me tell you that Warframe is actually a good game but over the time I've heard so many comparisons between Destiny & Warframe which I now realise are pure nonsense and unfair. I like the [b]grinding[/b] in Warframe. That is really well designed, it can keep you busy grinding forever. They have so many warframes and so many different weapons. It's total b###s##t the fact that Warframe has so many planets and maps compared to Destiny2. It's just a lie, several maps on different planets in Warframe are absolutely identical! There are very few unique maps despite the number of planets. Some planets even look the same. I heard many people saying "Warframe is free whereas in Destiny you have to pay for the game and the dlc". Well that's not quite as it sounds... it's true Destiny is expensive but it's not true that you can enjoy Warframe so much completely for free. Even if you don't buy any prime pack or way or another you're going to have to buy Warframe slots or weapon slots simply because you don't have enough space to stash the stuff you grind so you will inevitably spend some money on it. If you want to farm for free literally everything it's gonna take such a long time that it will simply bore you. So Warframe is "kinda freeish" but definitely not entirely enjoyable for free. It is true that in Warframe you have several types of warframes, each one with 4 abilities, whereas in Destiny you only have 3 classes, each one with 3 subclasses. That is actually a good point. The story, the introduction and the tutorial about how the game works are simply trash in Warframe, they are extremely bad at explaining how things work and the story is unclear for pretty much the first 20/25 days of intense gaming which is a sad experience in my opinion. Destiny story is okkeish, the system is intuitive. I was missing Destiny 2 raids so much. I could not find an equally involving experience in Warframe. That's one of the top reasons I came back.

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