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3/25/2018 11:02:01 PM

Faction and Faction Rally Ideas, lemme get some upvotes people

Some ideas on updating factions and faction rallies to improve replay ability and more incentives to play; Lemme get some upvote folks. [u][b]Faction Rewards[/b][/u] - [u][b]Loot Pools[/u][/b] Each faction should have a base set of armor and weapons, and then a rally specific armor set and rally specific weapons; During the faction rally the separate loot pool containing these items items will be enabled and part of the earnable items during activities. These rally weapons and armor should also have a diff set of perks/rolls, as well as rally only armor ornaments variants. In regards to weapons and armor, these aren't "random" rolls/sets, these are still preset items, just with diff archetype builds or sets of perks. These perks are tied to your allegiance to the faction of that armor/weapon, and only apply while pledged, example: +x range/handling, +x amount more reload speed, and/or +x damage resistance, +x additional ammo on ammo pickup etc. Sidenote: Loot in general needs to be rethought, but instead of completely reworking the system, there should be variants and/or alternatives of each item, this is just an example of using what's already there to add more. These items "can" drop randomly from any package during the faction rally, as well as from any engram, but are more frequent/probable depending on your faction rank within a faction and rally specific drops are tied to the rally time period. [u][b]Additional Rewards[/u][/b] Each faction should also have a separate set of additional rewards that drop from packages and increased rank during rallies and outside of rallies; During rallies, rarer items have a higher rate of dropping based on your rank within that particular faction. [u][b]Example rewards[/u][/b] Faction specific transmats, faction specific ghost shells, faction specific emote (a faction greeting or salute), faction emblems, faction auras and faction consumables, [u][b]Faction consumables[/u][/b] Faction consumables are items that can be used to increase rewards and/or items for similar faction allies. These can be earned or purchased from faction vendor using in game currency; These consumables are similar to vanguard boons or fireteam medallions, but only apply to players pledged to the same faction as yourself within your fireteam and/or group, or within your vicinity while performing public events. When in use these can provide diff rewards, ex: memer of the same faction gain additional glimmer on strikes, faction allies gain an overshield when another member dies, additional materials/items when dismantling weapons, etc.) Faction auras can work similar to a faction boon for members of the same faction that are within your vicinity, same concept as the Aeon gauntlets. [u][b]Faction Missions/Bounties[/u][/b] Bounties would need to be a global change to allow bounties for every vendor and/or Vanguard/faction vendors, or there could be a main bounty board similar to D1. Depending on your rank within a faction, you should have a set of bounties that you can perform for that specific faction each week; The bounties should be of varying tasks, simple to harder. For instance something a simple as loot a lost sector in the name of your faction, to something more involved like a certain number of power weapon kills on a specific enemy type. During the faction rally, these bounties have multiple steps and/or require additional tasks to complete such as kill 5 majors, 5 ultras, and 20 fallen. These would reward additional tokens, faction boon/consumables, and/or an engram. These bounties could exist within a missions screen similar to D1 or within an additional tab on the milestones screen. [u][b]Faction Rank Title[/u][/b] Factions already have a ranking system to denote your level and on how much you have contributed to a particular faction, this should be expanded to allow for you to not only "customize" yourself within the world of Destiny, but also allow you to have a more defined identity in game. This isn't tied to the faction rallies, but can provide added benefits to them; The rank title is a settable feature that displays on your character emblem; The emblem should be editable from the character screen. To access the emblem editing screen instead of editing from a vendor, you should be able to click your name in the upper left of the screen, from there you can set your emblem to display your faction title, clan name, or name only. In order to make the experience more unique for players, each rank should have a subset of words that can be used to set your title, that are also specific to each faction. Once you unlock a set of words, they are always available to you when editing your emblem. Example: Titles based on rank for FWC Rank 1-25 - Student - Neophyte - Apprentice Rank 25-50 - Member - Disciple - Ally Rank 50-75 - Cultist - Preceptor - Guardian Rank 75-100 - Futurist - Emissary - Zealot When being inspected or anywhere my emblem shows, it would show my name and them my title below it. Nymisiz, Disciple of the Future War Cult. [u][b]Leaving a faction[/u][/b] When leaving a faction, faction consumables can't be used similar to strike boons. Weapon/armor faction perks are also disabled and the weapon returns to the base archetype. Your title also gets removed and your emblem is set back to your name only. All items are then locked until the time you rejoin/pledge back to that faction. Repledging back to a faction would cost x amount of glimmer, x amount of armor/weapon materials, x amount of legendary shards, and a legendary weapon, or some sort of combination of those items. Once back within a faction, you can then reset your title and/or any armor/weapon buffs will apply.

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