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3/21/2018 8:34:10 PM
Imagine if Destiny 2 never came out. Instead we would get expansions every 3-4months and a massive expansion yearly? Continue on this path until the 10 year destiny cycle was up. While doing this the devs could make improvements to gameplay ( nerfing fusion nades/Fixing one shot kill ammo) etc..... While this is all happening teams could implement more of the following into the game: -Weapons -Gear -Improved Public events -Game Modes -Mantling Destiny would have an abundance of things to do for the already established players as well as newcomers. It would be a 10 year game that was fluid and always approachable. The grind would never stop. The hardcore gamers would expect a dlc every few months and a massive expansion yearly to satisfy their hunger. We can only wish...

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