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3/21/2018 4:19:40 AM
SHOW ME SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME WANT TO PLAY!!! STOP TALKING. START DOING. SAVE THE CHEERLEADER. SAVE THE WORLD! For real though. Most of the people who love the Destiny universe and understand what it could be, come here for one reason. They want a reason to play again. We come back to the forums again and again to look for a glimmer of hope. I don't know what it's going to take for you folks at Bungie to understand this, but the core of Destiny 2 is broken. We need dramatic improvements to the core of the game. You keep throwing out more and more cosmetic items but you aren't fixing the root problems. I could talk about everything that is wrong with D2, but everyone else has. Bungie knows damn well what we want but they are just taking their sweet ass time so we have to spend more money to see any changes. If you don't have your sh!t straight by the time MHW releases on PC and Anthem comes out, you will not have a fan base because even if Anthem and MHW aren't perfect, people are just tired of waiting for you to remove your heads from @sses. Wake up Bungie. Fix the core mechanics and fire your writers. You need to put out content that pulls your players into the story. If I wanted an orphan story I'd go watch Annie. If I wanted to watch an evil machine race able to move through time I'd go watch Terminator. At this point you have players putting out fan fiction that absolutely demolishes everything we've seen in Destiny 2. Bungie, I'll leave you this saying I learned a long time ago. Do with it what you will: NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU POLISH A TURD, IT'S STILL A TURD.

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