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Destiny 2

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3/15/2018 9:46:10 PM

Doesn't this kind of look like the director dude?

The Last Jedi was total garbage, and I wonder if Luke Smith was involved in that shit too? If you think about it, everything is less "FUN" in Destiny 2, what happened to explosive rounds actually being EXPLOSIVE? The radius in d2 of a rocket is BALLS, and I repeat B A L L S. What happened to having more then just 1 round loaded into the launchers? Now its just 1 single round and how about the fun perks like Clown Cartridge... Using TONS of Motes to get that perfect launcher perks for crucible in d1, grinding until I finally got my Clown Cartridge perk. Sure its evenly balanced I suppose, but its much less Fun and I repeat L E S S F U N. How about going to a strike or raid and having a shotgun and my Gjallarhorn? Sniper and Crota's Launcher?? Not anymore apparently, I guess its not balanced if a guardian has two FUN weapons... Oh no, FUN is not the goal for this Director apparently. His Idea of fun is math, making everything EVEN... I wonder if thats working? Bring back our shotties and launchers like we had them in d1. TripleWreck said it best, people don't look back and react to a game and reminisce how BALANCED it was, they remember how much FUN it was, and d1 was fun as -blam!-. Thanks for killing the fun Bungie.

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