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3/5/2018 9:48:54 PM

Bungie if it’s one thing you can do right read this

We need something from you guys. We are a community who has given you chances time after time after time to fix your game. But you keep on spitting in our faces and giving us screw up after screw up. Or better yet unethical practices within the game designed to get us to spend money on loot that you should be able to earn within the game. Activision is a bunch of money sucking whores and could not care less about making a good game and cares more about whether they are in the black on their balance sheet at the end of the month. I understand that the purpose of a business is to make money but shoveling straight manure to a community that has supported you for 3+ years is something you should be ashamed of. Destiny used to be my favourite game and something that I would show off to my friends who don’t even play. Now I feel ashamed to have even ever put out destiny 2 content as it supported a game that was not only terrible but had unethical business practices rooted deep within the game’s core. I just watched a video of my favourite destiny content creator saying he’s quitting destiny and it brought tears to my eyes that somehow a company who’s job it is to make good games actually somehow managed to make the saddest excuse for a sequel I have ever seen. I know there has been development issues but pushing out a game that isn’t ready is about the worst mistake you ever made and it is your down fall. As someone who personally works in marketing. Pleasing your consumers should be a company’s top priority. Not trying to pull the blinds in front of their eyes trying to suck money from their wallets. Also, in terms of all the nerfing, subclass changes, decreased time to kill and overall just decrease in ability potential across the board in D2, what was the point of that? No one in the destiny community asked for that. Just because one of your devs does not care about the game enough to even understand how each subclass works does not mean you have to change the entire subclass system because you believe that somehow we don’t know what kind of customization we need to put on our subclasses for optimal performance. Also random rolls removal took out any sort of meaning to play the game. When we asked you why take out random rolls and what can be done in replacement of random rolls. You said we are working on something that will make the second better devils you have different from the next. Masterworks is a steaming piece of poo if that’s your idea of replacement. I don’t know how anyone manages to do this. You also managed to release the game without basic features that were in D1. Its like you sat down and said let’s take all of the community feedback we have received over the last three years, throw that away, try to make this game like overwatch, and also see how we can enrage our community as much as possible. Along with a ton of other people on this site, we want eververse removed, the next dlc free, an actual ranked PvP mode not trials report copy and pasted into the game, d1 time to kill, and for god sakes random rolls and vendor ranks. And if you can’t do this with all of the resources you have, look at the petition to bring live events like trials back to D1. D1 numbers in terms of players are competing with D2 numbers and on twitch just 3 weeks ago D1 had more viewers than D2. This should tell you something about your game. Please read this feed back and think long and hard about all the crap you have thrown in our faces. Maybe an apology to the thousands of people like me who wasted 120 bucks on your deluxe edition would be nice. Or an apology to the other millions of people who purchased this game. Take a note from epic games book. They listen to their community, they let their community decide what they want in the game, they don’t have unethical business practices to get people to invest in the game. You know what’s sad? Skin sales alone have surpassed total sales and revenue of D2. Maybe that fact will give you and the other money leeches at Activison a look at what an actual good game looks like. Please do something about this steaming pile of garbage before the rest of what’s left of a broken community jumps ship and leaves this game for good. Fix D2 or bring back D1.

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