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Bearbeitet von REAPER6971: 2/20/2018 4:25:57 PM

Exotic drop rate, Gallajhorn, D1 nostalgia

Dear Bungie, I love Destiny, the franchise as a whole, D1 day 1 till now. It's awesome and fun but D2 is missing something that D1 had. The reason to get back to the "grind" every week. The grind seems to be looked at negatively, but it's not, it's fun having something to chase, to hunt for, a carrot that you want so badly you will play the same raid on all characters over and over, and love doing it. For me as for many it was the G-Horn, overpowered as it may have been it was an accidental miracle. Everyone loved it, everyone wanted it. It was truly a blast trying to get that damn thing to drop. That experience is missing now. Exotics are way too common, and they all drop about as frequently as others. I understand wanting content to be available to all, but honestly, rewarding the players that put in work week after week isn't a bad thing. These are the people who will continue to support, play and love the Destiny franchise. So, bring in some new exotics, maybe even some new "old exotics" (G-Horn). Let them be utterly infuriating to play against, and incredibly fun to hunt for. I truly believe that as a part of the way forward, that would solidify those supremely committed and bring back many D1 enthusiast to the fray. Either way I'll keep at it but hope this idea is contemplated or discussed. Thanks, REAPER BMC

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