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Bearbeitet von VorkTanamo Bay: 2/12/2018 2:29:22 PM

The endgame needs Weapon and Armor crafting/leveling

Yes, bring Warframe like crafting to D2


No, I like how the gear is now


If Destiny 2 adopted the crafting style of Warframe it would save the endgame for sure. Bungie, if mods 2.0 works as follows I'll be excited to come back and play full time again: - Add 5 or 6 mod slots to weapons and gear that have the potential to effect every stat. - Allow mods to change perks - Allow mods to be upgraded may times in order to slowly increase its effect - Allow weapons and armor themselves to be upgraded over time to increase the number of mod slots Doing this would make weapons and armor much more unique and might fix the issue we have now where everyone uses the same weapon. It will also give us a reason to log in and grind. If i'm getting xp for my gear as I use it, and getting mod parts from everything I do, then I have a reason to play again. I would be able to customize my weapons and gear to suit my play style. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. UPDATE: Something else I just thought about is that mods need to be able to taken on and off of gear (ie not consumable). Sure you can dismantle them to get parts but if you are leveling up mods then you shouldn't be punished by having them deleted for swapping them on the fly.

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