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2/10/2018 12:05:54 PM

New and Returning Exotic Concepts

Every Limited Time event should have an Exotic weapon associated with it. For that reason I propose that the following weapons be added to the game and somehow incorporated into limited time events: [b]1) Young Wolf's Howl[/b] Let's face it, this was terrible in D1. Its DPS was nowhere near the amount offered by the other Exotic Swords, and it was always kind of meh in PvP. I think that with a buff, the weapon could become really good (I think increase the duration and damage of the DoT field it leaves behind, and allow the player to leave behind multiple fields on top of each other for maximum damage). The weapon could be incorporated into Iron Banner somehow, possibly by offering it as a reward for players that do really well. [b]2) Faction Weapons. I'm thinking FWC, Dead Orbit, and New Monarchy each need their own Exotic weapons, furthermore these should be the weapons that the winning faction sells during Victory Week. FWC would probably have an Arc Pulse Rifle with High RoF and Low Impact, possibly with a perk that returns missed shots directly to the magazine. Dead Orbit would have a Void Scout Rifle with High-Caliber Rounds and a perk that gives it increased Precision damage when far away from your intended foe. New Monarchy would have a Solar Auto Rifle with Explosive rounds and Dragonfly, along with a perk that gives it increased damage at close range. [b]3) Willbreaker[/b] Oryx's sword, the one that the original three Exotic swords came from back in Destiny 1. This sword should be brought back as part of the Festival of the Lost event. There would be a special game mode in which teams of three would compete against one another, and this weapon would be obtained by activating the Mercy Rule on your opponents, while Bolt Caster, Raze Lighter, and Dark Drinker are equipped simultaneously on each of your team members. Its exotic perk would be "The Sword Logic", and would grant temporary buffs to mobility, recovery, resilience, and ability recharge rates with every kill (e.g. killing 5 players would increase all attributes by 5 points and increase the recharge rate of all abilities by 50%). The buffs would stack until the player was finally killed, and when they respawn, the opposite effect of the buffs they gained would be applied to them for the remainder of the match, and can only be cleared by using Willbreaker to kill more enemies (e.g. killing 5 players and then dying would result in a 2.5 (rounded down to 2) point DEBUFF to all attributes, and a 25% decrease in ability recharge rates). [b]4) Crimson Cannon[/b] A Rocket Launcher that provides a third-person view and functions like a Scorch/Shock/Null Cannon. Its energy projectiles and explosions are all a deep red with a hint of pink, and they all have a slight "glitter" effect to them. It would be part of the Crimson Days event, and would be obtainable through getting a 5 match win streak in Crimson Doubles without changing partners (i.e. progress resets when you go into matchmaking with someone else at your side). [b]5) Freeze Ray[/b] Fusion Rifle that's part of the Dawning event. High RoF and Charge Rate, Low Impact. Slows enemy movement speed and reduces their jump height (effect varies depending on how many projectiles hit the opponent), can freeze enemies outright in PvE, and fires full auto. High Magazine size and reserve storage. [b]6) Cosmic Jet[/b] Not a weapon, but a Sparrow. Reward for doing REALLY well in SRL. Can be summoned quickly, has increased mid-air mobility, uses less fuel for dodging, can perform tricks, and has Overdrive.

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