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The truth about Warframe

Warning: Wall of text ahead. No tldr at the end. The honest truth about Warframe is that it’s actually not that great of a game, just like the original Destiny. They are just designed to be as addicting as possible. They give you a goal and then artificially stretch the time it takes to reach that goal so that while you’re doing one thing, you get bored/distracted and find something else to do. For instance, if you want to craft something. First, you have to find the blueprint, which may or may not take hours/days/weeks. Then you have to find the parts, which again may take hours/days/weeks. Then you have to craft it, which can take up to several days (for no other reason than to sell you platinum to speed it up). And depending on what you’re crafting, you may have to repeat this process a few times. While you’re crafting this item, you get distracted by things like finding mods, completing quests, selling junk to other players, simply looking for more things to craft, etc. Then by the time you’re done crafting your item, you’re already half bored of it and looking for the next shiny new thing to make. And then the cycle repeats. Let’s circle back to the mod/gear system. Each and every piece of gear in the game has a capacity for mods, which runs on a kind of point system. Mods have levels that function as how many points they’ll take up. The higher capacity, the more/stronger mods you can put on a piece of gear. So basically, your gear starts off as a piece of shit with a couple of points and you have to level it (which takes a lot longer than it should, especially for new players) in order to actually make it useful. It should also be mentioned that leveling a weapon doesn’t increase any stats at all. Not one tiny bit. So if you level your gun up to level 30, but don’t have any decent mods on it, it’ll still be a piece of shit. This is all wrapped in a very bland story that’s worse than vanilla D1, is stretched across all of the planets and locked behind side-quests/challenges called junctions, and set in about 5 different environments that are rotated around at random. Also there’s the fact that the grind and RNG are 100x worse than Destiny. This game skates by on the fleeting moments of joy that you get when something finally finishes crafting, a rare mod finally drops, or you finally get the last blueprint for a new frame. Everything in between is a lackluster grindfest. Edit: It seems like people have misunderstood. I’m not saying it’s a [i]bad[/i] game, I just said it’s not as great as everyone says it is. In my opinion, this game is exactly like those mobile games that everybody bitches about. The only difference is that they put in a little more than minimum effort. It exists as the console/PC equivalent to candy crush or Adventure Capitalist. Just a time waster meant to grab every free second of your day. The reason people play this game so much is not because they love it, but because they’re either addicted or they have literally nothing better to do. I like games with a grind (games like Destiny 1, WoW, Diablo, Borderlands kind of, etc.), but there comes a point when it’s not a grind anymore. Instead it’s just a paywall. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “It’s free to play!” “You can get everything in game without paying!” “They have to make money somehow!” Blah, blah, blah. It may not be a paywall for [i]you[/i] because of the ability to trade other players for platinum, but [i]someone[/i] has to end up paying. The entire game is set up to sell platinum. They make everything that’s truly free look like garbage, then fill the market with decent looking cosmetics (and non-cosmetics) and charge abhorrent amounts for them. (Side note, a -blam!-ing [i]color palette[/i] costs 75 platinum, and if you don’t buy one, you only have access to about 10 colors) Now there are three choices: 1) don’t progress anymore and be satisfied by the minimum amount of content, 2) throw money at the screen, or 3) spend hours/days/weeks of your time in a PawnStars simulator trying to sell people items for platinum, almost always getting lowballed and/or trolled. Option 3 is where it becomes a paywall for other people. Take the Warframe slots for instance. You can own a max of 2 frames before you have to buy more slots. So unless you held on to your free plat until late game (which let’s face it, the majority of players didn’t/won’t), then you have to either buy more or go on Pawn Stars to hock that Transient Fortitude for 20 plat, and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to get them to settle on 10. If you don’t buy anymore slots, you have to sell the frames you’ve slaved over and grinded to level/upgrade to a usable/enjoyable state in order to get any new frames. Not to mention the “vaulted” content, which is a blatant ploy to hike up the trade prices of those items. If they announce that a prime frame is not going to be available anymore, people will clamor to get the pieces as quickly as possible. If there’s an option to pay for them, you bet your ass they will. Then once it’s vaulted, people turn right around and sell them to other players, who have to buy even more platinum than before in order to buy them. Anyway. In closing, I say all of this not because I hate the game or I think it’s the worst pile of garbage to ever exist (which hinges on the fact that it’s technically ftp), but to enlighten others who see all of the “WARFRAME IS THE BEST GAME EVER OMG!!!!!” posts and ready them for the rude awakening that awaits. I’m doing this because from what I saw people saying about it, from these forums in particular, set my expectations way too high, and when I finally played it I felt severely underwhelmed. The only reason I still play it is because I have a friend who practically begged me to.
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