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Bearbeitet von Azurephoenix999: 1/29/2018 5:07:00 PM

Ornaments should remain unlockable forever!!!

As someone who has unlocked almost every single Season 2 ornament (only missing Iron Banner and Eater of Worlds), I believe that these ornaments are too cool to remain exclusive to Season 2. What about the players who hate the state of the game right now, but return later if it gets better? What about the players who don't have Destiny 2 yet but might in the future? What about the players who are trying their best but just can't seem to go flawless or get the Raid challenges done? I want them to be able to get these ornaments too. Sure, new ornaments are likely coming in Season 3, but even so, I don't want these ornaments to be one of those things that new players simply can't get anymore. It's a real shitty feeling to log onto a game, see a piece of armor you decide you really want, then be told "oops, you can never have it because you weren't here three months ago." These ornaments should remain unlockable forever. If they bring out new ornaments for the same armor in Season 3, they should be added in addition to the current ones, not replace them completely.

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