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1/28/2018 7:38:29 AM

Dear bungie...

Dear bungie, My gamertag is bobbythespider and I have been apart of the bungie community since halo reach and 3 I first started playing destiny because my best friend move from Florida to Colorado and I wanted a way to spend time with him I purchased a PlayStation 4 and destiny, this was about the time of the dark below being relalleased and from the I picked up a controller and entered the destiny universe I was in awe of the beautiful visuals and fantastic sound track. The first time I played through the destiny 1 campaign I had an amazing time, I was totally engulfed by the game my first vault of Glass play through I got a hawkmoon exotic hand Cannon and asked my team of 3 month seasoned veterans if it was good and I got a "hell yeah" back from them I remember the time I got my gajllarhorn form the vault and the a second one within 24 hours but I really started to shine when house of wolves dropped and trials of Osiris was introduced to destiny the excitement of getting on and trying to get the infamous "flawless" of going 9-0 was the most challenging activity that was ever in the game and the countless months I had in the crucible and I quit literally mean I had more than a month in the crucible, but the training was worth it when I had a 1v3 clutch win it was tied 4 to 4 I was the last one alive I had my gunslinger active against 3 striker Titans and got a triple kill with it the map was pantheon and the kills happen by the waterfall where heavy ammo would spawn and I will always remember that, and I will remember the first time I ever used my long bow in trials my very first kill with it I got a collateral head shot and I have the clip to prove it. Then the taken king happened and you basically doubled the size of your game not much it to be said about it other than I spent countless hours playing trials grinding the raid and playing strikes. Then rise of iron dropped and I remember staying up till 5 am to play and it was the first time I ever saw a waiting que to get in the game but that was when you changed the main screens audio and I just sat there and listened to the whole thing because of how brilliant it was then again I played the raid ran strikes grinding PvP iron banner trials and standard for weeks, and in the raid I remember the seige machine and I'm going to come back to this later on, then age of triumph a time to reflect on my work and get ready for destiny 2 we played vog crotas end Kings fall ect and grinded to get the emblems in Destiny 2. Now the dark times... Destiny 2 dropped again the visuals and sound track were somehow topped from destiny 1, bungie whatever they are doing keep them doing it. The writing was a little weird but it was a thousand times better than destiny 1 and I thought that you guys finally did it a good story felt good to play interesting public events good rewards for it too, then I got to the end game, I made 3 hunters to level up faster and then bungie came out and said that you made it so that we wouldn't be able to level up as fast if we did so I deleted 2 of then a little annoyed but I understood obviously you can't level up to fast. Then I started playing strikes to get better loot to increase my power but then I realized that strikes were pointless because you didn't get better loot ( what the hell where you thinkin??) And heroic strikes didn't have modifiers but that's also for later, then the raid happened... My first run took me and my team over a 2 day period of 19 hours to complete and 10 of then we're spent fighting calus because the other realm was bugged and we kept flying over the barrier that kept you ALIVE. So a couple of weeks pass and we find out that you have been throttling experience and liying about it it's a well known fact that RPGs throttle xp so you don't level up to fast but the co bar you say you were getting a certain number but in fact it could have been as much as 75% of the number that it was telling you and this matters because you put all.of the end game content that could have easily been put into missions strike specific loot or crucible or exotic quests but no you put it it your bright engrams which you tried so hard to make us buy with silver and your fix to this was doubling the amount of xp and actually telling the truth about how much we we're getting then the dawning happened which was essentially a pay to win game at that point and I haven't gone into curse of Osiris Because I'm so totally baffled about how little you went into him he's probably the second most hyped up lore character behind the nine or the warminds and you dare disrespect him like that it was an abomination and you remove content from people who already had the base game. And just about all for your guns are reskins iron banner is a joke now what's with no light advantage that's the whole point of iron banner (I haven't talked about trials of the nine yet because I'm saving it for last) and if your not going to have random rolls on weapons and armor then you need to have a MUCH larger pool of weapons and armor to pick from. Finally trials of the nine, I like the idea of no boons I don't like the idea of changing game modes but most people do so I'm not going to talk about it it's just something that I specifically don't like but others do. Trials is supposed to require skill bungie not run around and team shot with mida and eurials gift or better devil's or the antiope, and btw you totally ruined snipers in PvP and pve snipers are near and dear to my heart so that's a touchy subject with me and many others but anyway what happened to have gun skill and being able to go off by yourself and making a play and not getting team shot by 4 others as soon as you do, you need to enable a light advantage and BRING BACK GUN SKILL. Also with all these people apluding the changes coming in fall none of them are new they are just copy and past from d1 to d2 ex strike score but it being so far away is a joke you're spiting in the face of your players bungie, I stood by you and helped you along the way in d1 and I'm not sure I can do it again you're gonna have to prove to me and the rest of your veteran player base that you do care, we don't want promise of what's to come we want action because you've lost all credibility and it's not all Activisions fault it's on you so prove to me and the rest of your players that you want us here and if you don't by dlc 2 and it better be worthy of the name "expansion" it I can say without a doubt that your franchise will be dead, but if you do pull it together and get your game on track NOW that doesn't mean in the fall that means soon like in a couple months but if you do you will have the best game on the market. Sincerely, bobbythespider

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