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1/25/2018 11:09:39 AM

Received Warning - related post from 2006? I joined 3 years ago.

I received a conduct warning today and the linked topic is back in December 2006 in off topic. I've only been on Bnet for 3 years. Now, either this warning links a completely random past topic to the notification, or someone messed up? I have exactly 2 hours I can wait for a response explaining this supposed infraction because I'm not prepared to stick around if what I suspect is true - false reporting aka a witch hunt against me for upsetting some rather bitter and vindictive forum users. In fact, forget it. I'm damn well done with this shithouse place. God damn dumbasses everywhere. Users who can't handle being exposed for their lies. Users who can't stand up to criticism. Users who log false reports to vilify other users who call them on their bullshit. Then we have the defective ninjas (not all, but many) who couldn't mediate a sewing circle. Add to that the sheer incompetence of Bungie as a whole. Holy shit. This ship is a veritable Titanic. It's past the line. It's struggling to tread water. This crap right here is the straw that broke this camel's back. I can already feel the relief. Relief from not having to deal with people who have the mental capacity of a fence post. There have been some good times. There are some really cool, interesting, smart and entertaining people on here, but it would seem the majority have followed the lead of the Destiny franchise.. dumbed down to a point where their synapses have taken advantage of the downtime and gone on an extended vacation. So, that wraps all the bullshit up. I'm done. To all the good guys I've shared laughs, good conversation, and any other positive times with.. thanks all! Best wishes. To all the snakes in the grass, the false reporters, the backstabbers, the hypocrites and cowards.. screw you!! To Bungie, fix your shit. For the sake of all the dedicated fan base you are lucky to somehow still have (as naive as some of them may be) do them justice. I may still play from time to time, but after 8200 hours of D1, and hundreds of hours in D2, I'm just sick of the bad practices, the smoke and mirrors, the damn disregard you've displayed, and the sheer toxicity of this place here, you will not get another penny from me until you do your fractured community justice. Signing off.

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