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Destiny 2

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Bearbeitet von Lenskyj783: 1/22/2018 11:38:27 PM

ForEververse My Bae!!

I'm sending this message again to make it clear for all you haters that can't understand greatness. Destiny 2 is one of the most amazing games ever! All you haters need to just spend more money at the Foreververse store. I bought the Faction Rally ghost for $17 and now I'm swimming in all your salty tears since I have 13 of the new sidearm. They are all exactly the same so I probably only need four of them. You people should be praising Bungie for their business skillz. Selling a dressed up lie to millions of people isn't easy. Those dumb casuals left, including my whole clan but now I can get as many of the same weapon as I want. This is why Foreververse is my Bae she never disappoints so long as I keep feeding her funds. You fools need to git gud and be thankful #logang4lyf #destiny24lyf

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