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FWC Swag

Hello Bungie. In D1 I pledged to Future War Cult because I like their philosophy. This in spite of their less than beautiful armor and shaders. In D2, it appeared to be more of the same, but with the 01/26/2018 Faction Rally, I'm warming up to the new aesthetic. I puzzled over the mostly white armor with accents until I thought of this. FWC's renowned for their Device and hi-fi, Vex-like simulations. If one thinks of them as bad-ass mad scientists, the white armor makes A LOT of sense, and I like it. Even though Monarchy looks like actual royalty and Dead Orbit has remains gothic, I think turning up FWC's mad scientist vibe to 11 will win us more supporters. That, and more guns like True Prophecy and Memory Interdict. Thanks, and keep on keeping on.

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