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1/19/2018 3:25:01 AM

Idea for Destiny 3

During a mission, you pursue an enemy through a portal and end up in an unrecognized area of space, an entirely new solar system. There are both old and new races there, both hostile and friendly. You're so far out that none of the locals have ever seen a guardian before. I'm so sick of seeing literally everything in ruins, so what I think would be a brilliant change of pace would be to visit a place that was literally thriving. A new culture, a place to explore, and a new foe to defeat. The game's plot would be a little similar to that of Mass Effect Andromeda, in that you'd be teaming up with a new alien race to defeat another completely new alien race. On top of that, it would revolve around the technology that allows portals like the one you came through to open. At the end of the campaign, the enemy would use this technology to open a portal straight to Earth and attempt to invade, but you would stop them. Then, a fleet of ships comes through the portal from the other side (the guardians from the Last City coming to see what's up), and the technology is passed on to the Vanguard. This not only allows guardian ships to travel between this new solar system and home quickly, but also allows for the exploration of even more uncharted space. All in all, I believe that the places we've gone to visit in Destiny so far have been too full of doom and gloom. We need to see something trule breathtaking.

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