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1/12/2018 8:48:17 PM

Update reality check

I spent too much time on the forums during the time of Destiny. But I learned something about Bungie. They say what they want, irrespective of what's been written in the feedback forum. They make the game they want. They add the features they want. And they talk to the players in pseudo-roleplay speak. And when Destiny 2 was announced I made a decision I didn't stick to. I told myself I wouldn't read or write in the forums. I also made a decision to accept Destiny 2 for whatever it was because I knew Bungie wasn't going to change who they were. And they didn't disappoint. They are handling Destiny 2 the exact same way they handled Destiny. They way they talk to the community, they way they release content, and their plans for the future of the game. Yesterday's update essentially said "we're going to give you features you already had in Destiny, but that we withheld from Destiny 2 for the specific purpose of giving it to you at a later date so that you will be excited because you think you're getting something new." And yes, there are people excitedly posting in feedback that these are the features they've been asking for. Go figure. If the Destiny franchise is to be a game as a service, then why didn't all the features and gameplay modes that existed in Destiny as of October 2016 make into Destiny 2? Why did we get a stripped down version of the crucible at launch? But the biggest sin committed in the update yesterday was not talking about and apologizing for the reason that #removeeververse became a thing. They simply ignored it by saying the the "scales were tipped to far in Tess's favor" Really? That's it? Pages and pages of #removeeververse and that's all you have to say? I'm not suggesting that anyone boycott Destiny 2 or is stupid for playing it. No. We each have to make a decision that best suits us. What I am saying is that we all need to acknowledge that no matter what we say or do, Bungie will never acknowledge our posts outright and make an apology to the player base for hiding content behind a paywall. Nor acknowledge there culpability in the matter. Instead speaking in pseudo-roleplay speak as if Tess is a real person who has anything to do with what's for sale at Eververse. Hey Bungie, we're listening.

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