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1/13/2018 9:50:04 PM

Looking for active gamers for Xbox only clan.

My name is Butterscotch. I'm friends with an awesome group of guys and gals who go by the name Revenge Is Ours. They are an extremely active Xbox only clan that is looking to add more people to their family, so I'm lending a hand. Their clan is laid-back but grind hard and they pride themselves on the dedication and teamwork. They are active in-game and socialize with each other outside the game in their Band group. Their members actually get to know each other and build bonds. RIO is tight-knit family of misfit toys like to bust chops and challenge each other. They have something for everyone. You more into trials and crucible? They have a team for that. You like completing raids and strikes? There are always people looking to run. Need some help and are willing to help others in return? You sound like them! They have frequent clan-only challenges for those that like to brag, but it's all in fun. Members remain respectful to each because that's the atmosphere they created. RIO strives to keep the game fun for everyone, while offering to help those who are still cracking away at it. Interested in joining them and wondering what you need to do to become a part of the family? Well here it is...... be active. That's all they ask (well and use band to communicate with them). As an active clan they want like-minded people who are just as active as they are. That doesn't mean you need to be on everyday, they understand life responsibilities take precedent but enough to show you want be a contributing member of the clan. Unlike some clan, they do not have some ridiculous list of expectations. They don't care if you are male/female, old/young, LGBTQ, year 1/year 3, 0.3kd/3.0kd, pro/nub. If you are active, that's all they ask. Message [url=]Diffused Mind[/url] or [url=]GhostFinch84[/url] directly if you have any questions or would like to join. Thanks for stopping by to check us out and I hope to hear from you soon

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