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1/14/2018 2:47:59 AM

XBOXONE I NA I Raiders of a Lost Exotic I Rank 6 Clan I Discord Community I PVP I PVE I Trials I Raids I And More!

-ABOUT US- Raiders of a Lost Exotic is a clan that is all a bout working as a team to accomplish certain goals you wouldn't have been able to do on your own. We believe that the only way to truly have fun and accomplish things in Destiny is to have a good active team you can rely on in PVP and in PVE. RLE is a clan that is focused on Destiny but also plays other games to keep the clan together. We are growing our Discord Community day by day and are focused on making RLE one of the better clans out there. If you believe you are a good team player and you can be an active member then let us know. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -FOCUSES- -Raid -Trials -Crucible -Weekly Engrams -Nightfall ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -REQUIREMENTS- -Must be on XBOXONE. -Must have the DISCORD app. -Must have one character with max item level. -Must be 18+ years of age. -Must be active. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -CLAN PAGE- -DISCORD PAGE- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -HOW TO JOIN- If you would like to join us after hearing what we are all about.. then please download the Discord app and message us on it saying that you would like to join. thanks for your time and we look forward to playing with you soon! Please like this page as it will help us get to the top of the Trending posts and get us seen! English

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