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Feedback und Vorschläge für Destiny 2.
1/13/2018 12:17:57 AM

<——This is How Many People Hate Eververse

Hate on me if you want, but clickbait gets likes. At least, I hope it does. So many people absolutely hate Eververse. And I think even more people hate that they are only reducing Tess’ involvement. But, are we really surprised? Did you really think that they are going to completely obliterate Eververse? Let me point out the reasons why they will probably never do that. 1. They would have to move all of the obtainable items somewhere else. And as I see it, the people will complain about wherever they move it. We are so picky it’s unbelievable. If they said that they would introduce a Laser Tag mode to crucible, including un-nerfed Prometheus Lens. They would get so much crap for no reason. The exact same thing would happen if they got rid of Eververse. I swear, the amount of useless complaining is absurd. Whatever they do, people will hate it. 2. It still gets them money. It is one of their only steady sources of income from D2. I think the people who want it completely done with don’t really understand the business mindset. They can either keep Eververse the same, saving them money that they would be using on programers, and gaining money from the people who do pay for it. Or, they could scrap the whole thing, gaining only a little money from the people who said they would buy CoO and the other DLC if Eververse was gone. They also spend a whole lot of money on programming where the items would now be found. Option one is is preferred business wise. 3. They can go in between #2. If their users will hate then for keeping Eververse, but they lose money if they completely abolish it. Why not go in between? That is what they are doing in the new update. They earn the trust of some of the people who don’t like Eververse. They also still get money from having Tess still there. What they are trying to do is try to please everyone, historically, this doesn’t work very well. But they have the advantage in this situation. One group they are trying to please is the users. But the other group, is themselves. This gives them the advantage of knowing exactly how to please one, leaving only the users to worry about. They are also more flexible in what they need to do to please themselves, giving them more room to focus on pleasing the users. If you really think that they are going to completely get rid of Eververse, then you are a fool. We are all selfish fools. They’re being flexible, we should try to as well. Determinedly, Dagorthan.

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