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1/14/2018 12:02:44 AM

(PS4 Only) Abyss Asylum– Sub Clan UK / Europe / Band / PVE / PVP / Trials / Raid / Sherpas

Hi there This is a newly additional European Sub Clan in the Abyss Alliance and ready to recruit some new UK/European players. Mandatory requirements: -Must be able to use our communication application called Band to seek fireteams. Players who do not register and use the app, will be checked and removed from the sub clan; -Must be friendly; -Must be active ; -Must be a adult; In total we have over 300 active members from Europe and US in the Alliance/Band that play frequently. In which we participate and play together as a single community. We use a app called Band, to communicate as a group with different Destiny subject categories. For ad hoc Destiny fire team assistance/discussions. As well as a calendar function for planned hosting PVE/PVP events. We are currently looking for two groups of guardians. (1) those who just started the game and are excited to join a good clan. (2) above average PVE or PVP players looking to challenge themselves and improve their Destiny experience. To be accepted, you will require to apply to the following link and also comment below that you have read and understood the requirements, otherwise you won't be accepted. The Sub Clan is called Abyss Asylum Europa. Please note that response times may take up to 24 hours or less. Kind regards Guardians Our other European sub clan link is: Abyss Asylum GMT

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