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1/13/2018 11:41:25 PM

What's with the delay in loading into strikes/worlds etc when playing with friends??????????

If anyone can help we'd appreciate it - my friends have finally arrived in D2. When the fireteam leader is trying to load in we have to wait anywhere up to 10 minutes to load into missions/worlds/strikes. Strikes appear to be the worst - last night there was only 2 of us and we loaded into The Arms Dealer at the second to last room - thought there was someone ahead of us - nah - that's just where we loaded. Didn't get even the second tank on the lift, loaded into the tank room, fought thru the lower floor and that was that. Is there something we should be doing to alleviate the terminal boredom of sitting for up to 10 minutes AND we can barely hear one another thru teamchat, so it's not like you can hold a there any known fix for the loading?
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