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1/13/2018 7:03:37 PM

Destiny needs some optimization

I've been playing destiny since launch and yes it be ok, but the thing is I've been experiencing dramatic fps drops with my beefy build on low to medium settings with an RX 580 and a Ryzen 5 1600X. I mostly have massive FPS drops in tower lets just say my cap is 60 frames then it drops to like 38-45 frames. and also on the planet Titan just looking at the sea drops my frames to 28-32 frames than when facing away from the ocean I get around 56 frames. Anyway, what I would do if I were a graphics optimizer at Bungie is to improve what data is sent to the GPU unit is whats needed to get better frames. It makes people sick that they buy like the best hardware to play their one of their favourite games from the console (Destiny 1) then go to play it on PC then it runs like super choppy. I don't know if Bungie has some problems with AMD specifically and only want to help Nvidia graphics, I'm not saying this because I'm an AMD fanboy at all but its what it looks like to me and I'm sure my card is fully capable. Like this post so Bungie support can look into this: Thanks for reading. ||| the link at the bottom is a photo of what I get on youtube on how to improve fps on destiny, as you can see there's a crapload of them.
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