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1/13/2018 2:27:41 PM

Red Dawn Patrol (Xbox 1) come join the alliance!

Name: Red Dawn Patrol Tag: RDP Ages: 18+ System: Xbox One     Red Dawn Patrol is part of a 5 clan alliance across 3 platforms. 3 of those clans are on Xbox so there's plenty of people to team up with and a wealth of information and help are right there in our BAND chats.     We all have jobs, families, education etc to attend to and this clan was built with that in mind. We appreciate video games are a form of escapism, to unwind & relax so we offer a community of players who feel the same. We all share a common passion - Destiny & we're all excited for the continued improvements to Destiny 2!! We don't care about ratios or streaks or raid experience. We are not a hardcore sweaty clan. What we do care about is getting along and having some fun together, and with that in mind we'll help you max out and have fun along the way. Don't forget the LOOT! *We welcome new players as well as seasoned Destiny 1 veterans* [b][u]Requirements[/u][/b]: Not many really…. We use a great app called BAND to communicate. All clan communication outside of in-game party chats will happen here. We chat, schedule events, raid teams, share knowledge and poke fun at each other! It is the most convenient place to find fellow clanmates to explore Destiny with. Sweet LOOT! This app is available for both Android and iPhone. Here's how it all works: * Send a request to the clan on & join our shared clan Band here: * Please set your display name to your Gamertag. * Once we're on this stage an admin will approve your clan request! Hooray! * That's it. We can stop doing this part now. LOOT! The BAND chats are exclusive to 18+ clan members only and is mandatory to represent RDP. You will share the Band chats will 300+ members so there are a wealth of members to form fireteams with! Please do not message us directly on asking how to join or if you're allowed to join. All messages of this nature are ignored.
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