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You ready for a brawl....Sign up at Caydes Fight Club II <PS4><Band>

CFC II Please upvote upon application We are on a recruitment drive for this elite level clan and are looking for 35..34..33..32..31..30..29..28..27..<updating> new guardians We require you to be 320+ power level or >1.0 k/d and experienced in end game activities. You also need to be 18+ yrs old and maintain an active membership on Band. Oh and don’t forget the golden rules: 1. You don’t talk about Caydes Fight Club 2. You don’t talk about Caydes Fight Club 3. You don’t talk about Caydes Fight Club! ....and so if you’re looking for an elite level clan that is full of skilled and chilled members from across the globe (US/Euro/NZ/AUS) that gets the engrams done each week then click on the link above or

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