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1/13/2018 4:10:52 AM

Clan Recruitment

Anyone looking for a clan, we have open spots but there are rules that need to follow first. We are a level 2 clan at the moment. ⭐️ Family, Teamwork, Succeed ⭐️ General Rules 1. Must be ACTIVE!. 2. Must have a mic. Communication while teaming up is important. Keep communication clear. 3. Must collect weekly clan xp contribution of 5,000. 4. Help other members of they need help, nightfall, raid, story etc. This isn’t mandatory but it keeps members wanting to stay in a clan. 5. Download the Destiny app. This is mandatory. We communicate a lot and are active on the app. 6. If your going to be away for a few days etc. Without Messaging the founder or admin make u inactive and can be removed from the roster. This doesn’t mean u can’t rejoin. Members who leave the clan are uneligable to rejoin. Members who are fully active with Destiny 2 and the app who help others as much as possible and help with raids and trials etc... will be promoted to admin after the feed back i get about the person. NOTE: REQUIREMENTS LISTED CAN BE CHANGED OR MORE CAN BE ADDED. Check out our #Destiny2 clan! ⭐️ For Futher information contact me, me at ⭐️ Psn: oFuCHii

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