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Destiny 2

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Bearbeitet von BoomboxCollosus: 1/13/2018 5:14:42 PM

A brief synopsis. WHY players are ABANDONING Destiny.

Bungie either is in damage control and too far in to turn back OR simply doesn't care that we are onto them and can read between the lines of their 'word wall'. It has simply become predicatble for Bungie to create hype only to be disappointed and let down later. It's their M.O. now and far too obvious. This is a brief 'tip of the iceburg' analogy of why players like myself are taking our time (oh, the time, right?) and money elsewhere. #1. Still random Eververse loot with event based loot caps.The HALLMARK of Destinys cash cow FPS casino. 2. Mayem being saved to entice players to come back for the money grabbing seasonal events, even though players begged and petitioned to keep it. The same could be said for other game modes and small, simple things like synth and the like. Bungie doesn't even acknowlege petitions they don't like and won't even respond to them. 3. Bungies public admittance that the original game was chopped up only to be trickled out at a slower drip so that they didn't have to make more content stating that Eververse would be how they make money instead. Even if they slightly tweak it for normal periods to make it seem "more fair" between seasonal events, the random based slot machine is still very much in tact and will never be an honest , simple store front, THIS is NEVER going away. So YES, even if you don't buy anything it HAS affected you as being more of a focus and prority than the game content. 4. The ongoing slaughter of Bungies Halo 'Golden Age' reputation. When Bungie was founded, their motto was a "player first" mantra that permeated throughout their history with Halo. Enter Destiny,we all smelled something in the air early on with their backpeddling PR and bits of discarded truth along the way, but we were happy with the progression of the game and kept our hopes up despite this fact. Now with this anemic DLC and the discovery of XP throttling and loot nerfing, we realize it was to frustrate players to give into the Eververse model and spend real money. A FAR CRY from the honest, straightforward Halo days of just making a good game with the player as the central focus to sell units and content 'honestly'. There's other small details, but with enough digging , even if you don't realize it, your gameplay and experience have been negatively effected with the purposeful and deceptive retention and monetisation of content. This has been their focus for quite awhile since the early days of Everpurse, but now it's just ever so obvious to anyone who's checked facts and why Bungie keeps getting caught with their pants down. Bungie sold a vision and decided to renig and exploit it instead. You guys are the worst. So long. PS. If you're still playing, good for you, but watch the player base drop anyways. And to all the trolls of any kind, do yourself a favor and save your canned, juvenile insults for someone who gives a sh!t. My notices are turned off and I won't read or have the displeasure of responding to anyones simple minded nonsense and feel good one liner quips....or even know that you ever existed for that matter. Farewell to all and hope the best for everyone, whatever your opinion. It was fun for a minute. PPS. Games I'll be playing instead. Halo 5: Firefight- It's gotten so much better, vehicles, OP weapons, bosses. 8 to 24 players at once. Alienation- A top down shooter but with weapon classes, upgrades, reloads and special powers. plays like a top down Destiny/ Halo shooter. Way better than exspected with local and online co-op. Sry, PS4 only. Gears Of War 4. So far the best in the franchise with local and online co-op. You get to shoot saw blades too, nuff said.

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