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1/12/2018 11:47:12 PM

Destiny 2 Armour Compared to Destiny 1

I get that the armour is trash and I'm not gonna talk about how it can be improved with new perks like Datto and Kackhis. I'm here to talk about how bad the appearance of the armour sets. In Destiny 1 the armour actually looked interesting. Hunter's had a few dozen cloaks, Warlocks had various different chest armours and bonds to completely change it. Titans had sexy helmets and chest plates. Armour sets actually looked cool, need I refer you to the Year 2 Iron Banner set? The Age of Triumph raid sets? even normal armour pieces that could drop from legendary engrams look interesting. Even if they weren't interesting you could make almost any armour piece look good with another one with the right Shader. In Destiny 2 there's none of that because there is only like 3 or 4 base shapes for the armours with every piece just being a reskin of one of those shapes. everything looks the same and there's no real in depth customisation. Sure you can make your character look cool but for me I've only been able to find one armour set to make my characters look cool. In D1? My Hunter had 3 or 4 armour set ups that I loved to use because my character looked cool and yes because they had some good perks on them. This doesn't exist in Destiny 2 so Bungie please add more armour, not reskins, actual different armour sets with a range of shapes, colours, cloaks, bonds, marks and everything else Guardian armour comes with. Make armour appealing and worth grinding for that customisation.

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