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Bearbeitet von mechamike: 1/12/2018 12:37:32 PM

Feedback to all the true artist of Destiny 2

In a time of salt and disappointment I just want to express my gratitude and admiration for your work. Hats of the you all artist over at Bungie that made the worlds and skyboxes and also music! May not a stain of salt fall on you! You did it all right! I love to find the nooks and crannies , the small details all accompanied with tunes that fits so good. Your work truly shines and deserved a better future than it got so far.. I feel so sad whenever I find a nice location and I see the work and thoughts of you and its left unused. Its like Michelangelo's 16th chapel roof have been painted on the roof of a dark not used sidetrack in the subway.. But I have been there with my flashlight and admired it all! Now im off to other worlds as D2 has come to a halt.. I will be back since I got the season pass.. but until then, hats of to you ladies and gentlemen's and don't let upper management hurt your creative souls Peace out"

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