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Bearbeitet von Ultimate Maven: 1/11/2018 10:45:08 AM

Fix the new CoO strike

Out of the 6 strikes I have done today (Jan 10th), 4 of them have been the new strike (story mission) Tree of Probabilities. Not only is repeating strikes an issue but as the fireteam was running through at the boss fight I fell behind and was stuck behind the blue hologram wall because it wouldn’t load me forward. Unfortunately, I do not have a clip of the incident but as I continued a similar thing occurred where my brother did load forward to the final boss encounter, but the boss had full health on his screen, which caused the strike to not end. I was able to clip it this time. We managed to fix it somehow by running backwards and being loaded forward again. Please have a look at these issues. Seems like a ton of issues have been overlooked in this game. Some extra game testers really need to be hired before pushing out new content. We want and expect the quality of game that was paid for.
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