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Three Of Coins, Febrezing the trash.

[i]This post is subject to change with future updates.[/i] The Three of coins is a shiny piece of garbage, except for one distinct & useful place. [b]What is it?: [/b] It's a coin that boosts your chances to receive an exotic from "sources in the world" for 4 hours, purchased for 31 legendary shards from Xur. [b]Does it work?: [/b] By all player accounts currently, no - except for one area. [b] Where [i]Does[/i] it work?: [/b] Cashing in luminous milestones players have reported the coin giving them 2 or even 3 exotics at a time from each milestone. This does not happen every time, nor is it guarantee that you'll even get a single exotic. However, this is one notable area where the coin has been deemed to [i]potentially[/i] be doing it's job. [b]How to apply it effectively: [/b] Until an update on the coin happens, you should complete every milestone for that week - then pop a coin & cash em' in for potentially higher chances on exotics. Good luck & happy hunting! -Aurelius

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