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Destiny 2

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12/29/2017 4:21:24 PM

Bye Bungie, I'm out as well. #stopdestroyingmychildhood

As a Halo:CE Vet, Halo 2 fanatic and Destiny Day 1 player, this video below is for me spot-on how i feel about Bungie & Destiny right now. @Deej @dmg04 @cozmo, better have a look and show it to your CEO's, maybe they will finally get some insights in what they are rapidly destroying: Community trust. In the old halo days, with people like Frank O'Conner at the helm of community management, i would log on every freaking moment to in hope of just a flinter of information about new upcoming topics, items, updates, tweaks: you name it. Now, i couldn't care less about your TWAB, it's summarized in "We are listening", "Here is our list of known bugs" "some pretty movies" & "Check back next week for maybe more info, gotta ask the CEO first if it's okay to share". As you may notice, that ain't cutting it anymore for the most of us. You made Destiny 1 & 2 to be the next big thing, you build up a solid player base in D1 despite your -blam!--ups, in D2 you then throw everything out the window again and reel in as much casual players as possible. They moved on (as player stats which you are actively trying to censor clearly show), and your hardcore player base is now also pissed, done and looking elsewhere. Maybe, just maybe, you shoud've stayed with Microsoft, or should've shoved Activision aside. Now you're left with a shell of your former company. Your most dedicated employees are gone, your most visionairy contributers angered, fired and gone as well and your playerbase who supported you all the way since the early days infuriated and done. Good job! I'm out as well. You can keep my season pass money though, i won't be downloading the next DLC anyways. Cheers, and have a look at the video below (no clue who the guy is, but damn does he know how to nail my feelings about you well right now). [url=]Here[/url]

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