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Destiny 2

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12/26/2017 4:35:19 PM

Officially quitting this damn game

I know this will get treated like every other quitting post. "No one cares" "Play a different game scrub" "Get off the forum, we don't want you here" I said it for you so you don't need to. I haven't played destiny in a week and I've decided I'm just done with it. Ive tried to enjoy the game, the dlc, the dawning, etc and it's just unbearably unenjoyable. I've been around since the Destiny 1 beta (before that counting the time I was looking into concepts, trailers, etc) and it clearly doesn't matter to fanboys that the long term players are leaving, but you still don't care Bungie is screwing their fan base and the people who try to defend the game. It's about time I look for a new game worth playing. And before you say it yes, I will obviously play the next dlc, I mean I paid for it already, no point in letting it go to waste. Also then it allows me to complain more about any bullshit Bungie pulls with it. Also before you say anything else, this is a public forum, I don't exactly have to quit this place either. It's a lot more entertaining than Destiny 2. [spoiler]#RemoveEververse[/spoiler]

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