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Crucible Spawns Need addressed. It’s getting very bad.

It’s become abundantly clear that the respawn situation in the crucible is incredibly broken. Myself and other teammates have the same experience of how poor the spawn system is. The system seems to favor putting players that are doing well and making kills in unfavorable situations. Once you make a kill or two the same enemies happen to spawn directly in a favorable position to get a revenge kill. I find myself being swarmed by enemies spawning in on my location putting me against severe odds. There’s even instances where I’ve been in a 1v1 against an enemy guardian and a recently killed teammate will spawn directly by him or in a near location, behind me, to put me at a disadvantage. I’ve also noticed that if your team is winning and you get killed, you will spawn in locations very far off from your team while the losing team has spawns near and around their allies. The case is also true that you will spawn in locations that are unfavorable by placing you in and around enemy combatants. Is this going to be addressed anytime soon?

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