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12/19/2017 11:55:44 PM
I know little about game design but enough to understand a major reversal is not possible here. Among other things, studio gambled on the gambling mind set of players and it doesn't work, at least not for me. D1 had enough tons of charm and positives to outweigh the negatives. As a casual player, I found millions of ways to enjoy the game. Not feeling it here, frustration took over. Absolutely love Bungie's environmental artists (can't quite say the same for armor design this time around), the Tower looks beautiful right now but that doesn't make the game work any better. The shooting/weapon mechanics is still intuitive and the best I've experienced in FPS, but my guardian's strength is so underwhelming compared to D1. Might as well be a Spartan, definitely not feeling the space magic here lol.

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