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12/19/2017 4:29:36 PM
Dang, are we playing the same game? How about the loot systems for both normal play and the raid need to be changed? You didn’t mention how Masterwork weapons are not really “mastwrworked”anything with its plain and boring system that just increases base stats w/o adding any actual perks to the guns. Double primaries work fairly well. I find it far more useful than I had thought I would and I find it easier than the D1 system. Supers charge rather well given that Bungie did not want the game to be played where one player is the “Wrecking Crew” on a team. They’ve made it more team oriented where the players need to feed off each other to achieve greatness. They’ve now made it so you also produce less far greater than we could with the addition of the orb making on Masterworks, I’m producing 25-30 orbs a strike. 4v4 isn’t bad, perhaps you’re just too use to the chaotic spamming shitstorm of D1. What’s wrong with the shader system other than we have less storage slots available than there are shaders and we can’t delete them by quantity? We wanted them to be put on weapons, ships, speeders, got em. Still waiting for swords though. How are the milestones not working? The recovery, mobility and resilience work well. Are you wanting to have grenades every 20 seconds to spam them? The armor mods work rather well. I tend to stack my ability recovery mods along with kinetic/energy handling and I seem to get my abilities rather easily and with the orbs from my other fireteam members tend to get 2-4 supers a strike, maybe more depending on if there’s a Nightstalker amongst the group. Forgive me but the game still has plenty of fun factor. I think you’re just a little too hung up on the cheesy easiness of D1 and it’s systems.

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