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12/16/2017 11:31:35 AM

A better Trials

4v4 only


3v3 only


Solo mode + 4v4


Solo mode + 3v3


I want all of them


6v6 only (You sadistic person)


Once you win trials there's a Mayhem Trials list


What do you guys think? There's a TON of solo/duo/trio player groups, but it's a pain in the ass to actually get the FOUR guys to go do Trials if you don't have a huge selection of friends. I've been in 4 Clans, all of them full, most of them offline. I've got a fair bit of friends, 25, and yet they're offline or playing Overwatch. I ask randoms and they don't ever respond because chat in this game is shit or they don't care to wait around for someone to respond for two more people. What if we got 2-3 modes of Trials? Solo mode - 1v1s best 2/3 : Elimination style where both people get 3 lives each round win 9 matches and you finish Trials Duo mode - 2v2s first to 3 : 1 revive per round win 9 matches and you finish Trials Trio mode - Same as D1 Quad Squad mode - Same now You can get rewards from one of the team playlists (2,3,4) and from Solo. Ability to at least do Trials ONCE, incentive to do both and find team mates. Solo rewards are only available at the end? Group mode final reward guaranteed masterwork? What do you think? Would you be down for a 6v6?

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